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How to Save Money Gardening

Green Garden, Green Wallet

Want to save money, get some exercise, help the planet, and improve your diet all at once? Try planting a garden this spring. It's one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and your bank account. However, if you've never done it before, it's easy to fall prey to spending too much when all you basically need are seeds, dirt, and water. That's why we at AmeriCash Loans have come up with a few gardening tips to help you save big on your spring planting this year. 


Buy Flower Bulbs in the Late Summer


If you want to add flowers to your garden, look for flower bulbs the year before. Garden shops and big box stores mark flower bulbs down at the end of the summer/beginning of fall, so you may be able to get them for anywhere from 50 to 80 percent off the original prices. 


Create Your Own Compost 


Fertilizer that you buy in stores is expensive, and some of it contains chemicals that you may not want in your garden. Instead of wasting money on it, create your own compost. All you need is a small bin with dirt. Add certain kitchen scraps, grass cuttings, twigs, and dead leaves as they become available. Turn the compost regularly with a shovel, and allow exposure to the elements — rain, sun, worms, and bugs can help it mature. Start during the fall or winter, and you'll have your own DIY fertilizer by spring planting time. 


Make a List of Your Favorite Spring Vegetables 


One of our favorite gardening tips for saving money is to make a list of spring vegetables you like and want to plant before you shop for seeds. It's far too easy to go overboard on spring vegetables. Not only will you spend more if you plant too much, but when summer's warm temperatures roll around, spring planting doesn't fare too well. 


Use Kitchen Items to Keep Pests Away


Don't spend money on pesticides that are potentially harmful to your health. Instead, opt for items in your kitchen. Citrus peels keep many bugs away, as does white vinegar. Just be careful with the vinegar as it can actually kill your plants if you use too much. 


Keep Your Cooking Water 


Finally, when you boil something in your kitchen — pasta, eggs, vegetables — keep the water that remains in the pot and use it in your garden. Not only does it help with hydration and help you save a little on your water bill, but the nutrients that cooked out of the food will help your plants flourish. 


Even with these gardening tips, gardening and yard work can become expensive. Consider an installment loan from AmeriCash Loans. Apply now to help get your lawn and garden into good shape for the spring.

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