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Mother's Day Gifting

Mother's Day Gifting Revealed

There's no better time than Mother's Day to show the woman who raised you just how much she means to you. But let's face it — it's not always the thought that counts. There are some presents for Mom you just shouldn't buy (or make), because they're probably going to end up in the back of a closet somewhere. Here are a few gifts you should avoid giving Mom on Mother’s Day.



Cash is a nice gift to give your nephew, but it's not high on the list of great presents for Mom (unless you're giving her a significant amount that she specifically needs). Sticking $20 into a card feels like a last-minute gift. If you're that desperate, at least go for the gift card instead. Just make sure it's a gift card to a store she loves. 


Something You Want 

Getting your mom something you want in hopes she'll decide she doesn't want it and give it to you is pretty transparent. She knows you better than anyone, after all. And don't get her something to use to cater to your needs. For example, don't get her a waffle maker and ask her to start having you over for breakfast every Sunday. Likewise, don't get her a gift card to your favorite restaurant hoping she'll bring you along. 


A Pet  

Unless your mom asked for a pet, don't surprise her with one. It's something she'll have to feed and clean up after, and chances are she's probably glad you've moved on so she doesn't have to do that anymore. It's not fair to her or the animal.  


Workout Gear 

Workout clothing, exercise DVDs, diet books, and anything else that implies she needs to lose weight or get in shape sends your mom a terrible message. Love her for who she is, and let her get that stuff for herself if she wants it. 


Cleaning Supplies  

Unless she asks for a fancy robot vacuum cleaner or another cool gadget, your mom doesn't want cleaning supplies for Mother's Day. Get presents for Mom that don't require her to do work to enjoy them.    


Homemade Arts and Crafts 

DIY gifts for Mom are a good idea…if you're 12 or under. Otherwise, that lumpy pottery or that silly IOU coupon book is just going to end up in storage somewhere. Now, if the grandkids want to make some DIY gifts for Mom, that's okay. But as an adult, you should go out and buy her something nice.  


Something You Already Bought Her 

Because Mom is so difficult to buy for, many kids are guilty of buying the same thing over and over again. Maybe she mentioned a specific kind of perfume she liked one year, and now you buy her a bottle every holiday. She probably has 10 unopened bottles in her bathroom at this point. Think outside the box. 


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