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Cheap Halloween Costumes to Help you Save Money

Cheap Halloween Costumes to Help you Save Money

Did you wait until the last minute to decide your Halloween costume? No worries! We have plenty of last minute ideas that are creative, and will also help you save money. One of the best parts about Halloween is dressing up for parties, work, or just taking your kids trick-or-treating! But with all the Halloween festivities, spending can get out of control, fast. Have a cheap Halloween this year with our costume idea that can be used for you or your kids!

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IL Fun

Illinois Fun: Festivals, Events, and Traditions

From Peoria and Springfield to Rockford and Chicago, there are many festivals and events planned that highlight the family-oriented fun that makes this state so special.

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What is a Cash Installment Loan

What is a Cash Installment Loan?

A cash installment loan is a loan you take out and agree to pay back on a set schedule. It is called a cash installment loan because you repay the loan back in installments, usually monthly. Common installment loans are car loans and mortgages. Cash installment loans are usually considered the less risky option compared to payday or car title loans. Read AmeriCash Loans’ list of reasons a cash installment loan may be right for you.

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South Carolina Fun: Fall Festivals, Traditions, and Events

Here's a look at some of the fall festivals and events coming up on the calendar in South Carolina.

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Understanding Credit: What Causes Bad Credit

Understanding Credit: What Causes Bad Credit?

Let’s face it, you need a good credit score to get anything these days. Landlords and banks will run a credit check for renting an apartment, getting a mortgage, getting a car loan, or any other kind of installment loan. If you have bad credit, it can be hard to get the things you need in life. Do you know what causes bad credit? Read our guide next time you apply for something that requires a credit check.

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