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Throwing a Budget Graduation Bash

Graduation: Throwing a Budget Graduation Bash

Graduation is a huge milestone in your child’s life. What better way to commemorate this accomplishment than with a graduation party? Celebrating with your closest friends and family is a great way to show your child how proud you are of them, whether it be for college or high school. Need party ideas that won’t break the bank? Throw a budget party using our tips below!

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Best Alumni Bars to Watch College Basketball in Chicago

March Madness: Best Alumni Bars to Watch College Basketball in Chicago

With the end of football comes a lull in the sports world, until March Madness brings the excitement back. (Unless you happen to be a Cavalier’s or Golden State Warriors fan) Some will even use their hard-earned vacation days just to watch the top 68 teams in men’s college basketball compete for the coveted NCAA Championship. Whether you are alumni or just a devoted fan, watch the madness with people who will cheer along with you. Not sure where in Chicago they are guaranteed to show your team? We’ve got you covered!

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March Madness: How to Pick your Bracket

The odds of picking a perfect bracket this March Madness are estimated to be about 1 in 128 billion, and that is only if you are picking higher seeded college basketball teams to win. The closest anyone came to filling out the perfect bracket in the past six years was in 2017. They only selected the first 39 teams correctly and didn’t even make it to the sweet 16. Though the odds are against you to win the perfect bracket, you can still at least have a shot at beating the other people in your office pool. Use our tips below to maybe make it to the Final Four.

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Winter Olympics 2018: The US Athletes to Watch

Winter Olympics 2018: The U.S. Athletes to Watch

The 2018 Winter Olympics began last Thursday night here in the U.S. You know it’s an occasion you can’t miss, but do you know which US athletes to look for? Team USA is made up of 244 athletes. While you can’t memorize all of them, here is a list of all-star athletes representing Team USA that you can read to keep up with the big event. Go USA!

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Winter Olympics: 10 Fun Facts About PyeongChang, South Korea

Winter Olympics: 10 Fun Facts About PyeongChang, South Korea

The 2018 Winter Olympics are just around the corner. This year, the winter games are taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea. Almost one million athletes and fans from around the world will come together to compete in the spirit of global sportsmanship. Before you tune into the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies on Friday, check out these 10 fun facts about PyeongChang, South Korea.

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