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Should You Stay Home or Travel This Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means you likely have an extra day off of work or school. The weather is warm and you're trying to decide if you should head to the beach or stay home and have a barbecue. Before you head out on the road, make sure you know what to expect when traveling on this holiday weekend.

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Budget Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

Budget Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

Memorial Day has become representative of many things in American society. Traditionally, Memorial Day was created to honor the American soldiers who have paid the ultimate price in order to protect the freedom we enjoy in this country. Over time, Memorial Day has grown to be known as the gateway to summer – a three day weekend full of BBQs, friends, and family. For those who opt out of throwing a party or hosting a BBQ, the long Memorial Day weekend is a perfect excuse to go on a short getaway. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still afford to get out of town for a few days to shake up your routine and welcome summer.

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Throwing a Memorial Day Party on a Budget

Budget Holiday: Your Guide to a Memorable Memorial Day Get-Together

Memorial Day is the day we remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. We couldn’t be more thankful to them! Memorial Day is the perfect day to celebrate our freedom and welcome summer with a friend-filled get together. Being the host with the most doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. When you use these tips, you can have a fun-filled, patriotic memorial day on a budget.

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