April Fools’ Pranks: Harmless, But Funny

April Fools’ Pranks: Harmless, But Funny

April Fools’ Pranks: Harmless, But Funny

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April Fools’ Day is a great excuse to have a little fun with your friends, family, and coworkers. There are plenty of pranks you can pull that are harmless but still very funny.  -We’ve got a list of a few pranks that you can pull at home or in in the office.

Pranks at Home

Mmm Mayo
Can you imagine seeing someone eating mayonnaise out of a jar with a spoon? It would be a shocking vision for sure! To pull this April Fools’ prank on your family, simply fill an empty mayo jar with vanilla pudding and go to work eating it in front of them. They’ll think you’ve lost your mind, and you’ll get a sweet treat!

Blue Milk
Imagine this: you’re watching your significant other or child get their breakfast cereal out of the cabinet and milk out of the fridge. They pour the cereal in the bowl, followed by the milk, and their face becomes very confused as the milk comes out blue. Adding a little blue food coloring to your milk the morning of April Fools’ Day is sure to make breakfast more interesting!

Making Bath Time More Interesting
There are two ways you can play a prank on your family at bath or shower time in the morning. You can take the lid off of your victim’s body wash and put a small piece of plastic wrap over the top. Then, screw the lid back on. The body wash won’t come out. If the person you’re pranking is more of the bar-soap type, cover their soap with clear nail polish and let dry. Either way, whoever is trying to wash up is going to have a hard time doing so!

An Interesting Dessert
Your family and friends have made it through most of April Fools’ Day. As dinner time ends, they’ve probably let their guard down and aren’t expecting any more April Fools’ Day pranks. You can trick them one last time with a deceiving dessert. Make caramel apples, but replace the apples with onions. Insert a stick and cover in caramel, then sit back and watch your friends and family chow down.

Pranks at the Office

Unmovable Mouse
If you get to the office before a coworker that you’d like to prank, one of the simplest April Fools’ Day pranks you can play is to tape a small piece of paper over the sensor on their mouse. They’ll spend a few minutes trying to figure out just why their cursor isn’t moving at all. If you’re feeling extra creative, print a small picture of yourself or a celebrity and use that as the sensor-blocking paper.

Surprising Screen Saver
To catch a coworker off guard, you can change the screensaver on their computer to a photo of a celebrity, a photo of a food they don’t like, or a scary image that will wake them up more effectively than coffee ever could. You can pull this April Fools’ Day Prank off at home too, especially if you have a roommate or significant other that leaves their computer unlocked and accessible.

Cubicle Comedy
One of the most classic and most funny pranks is to cover a good-humored coworker’s entire cubicle or office space in sticky notes. This prank takes some time and determination (and a lot of sticky notes), so make sure you plan ahead. If you’re even more ambitious, you could also fill their cubicle or office with inflated balloons. Watching them try to get to their computer on April Fools’ morning will be a reward well worth your effort.

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