AmeriCash Loans is Sponsoring the Cooper River Bridge Run

AmeriCash Loans is Sponsoring the Cooper River Bridge Run

AmeriCash Loans is Sponsoring the Cooper River Bridge Run

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Are you going to be running in the Cooper River Bridge Run? AmeriCash Loans is enthusiastic to be sponsoring the event and we want to remind you that we are here for when you need loans in South Carolina.

The Cooper River Bridge Run is a great way to get outside and be in the sun after this long winter. South Carolina residents and travelers that have come to run in the race will be happy to know that it will be televised live. ABC4 will have live coverage of the race so that friends and family at home will be able to watch their loved ones in the race. AmeriCash Loans in Charleston SC is proud to be a part of the race and wants South Carolina to know that we are here for all your “personal loans near me” needs!

AmeriCash Loans offers title loan alternatives such as personal loans up to $2,500! Our personal Loans in SC will not keep you worrying about collateral such as your car. If paying it back all at once isn’t an option, you can pay it back in increments called an installment loan. The installment payments give you the option to pay back your loan through a number of scheduled payments made over the max loan term of 12 months! Also, don’t worry if you have less than perfect credit, you are still eligible for personal loans with us, even if other lenders have turned you away.

Loans in South Carolina are easy to find and are not far from you! AmeriCash Loans has eight locations is South Carolina. From Greenville to Charleston, you can find loans in South Carolina. When you are searching, for “loans near me” you will be able to find one of our convenient locations. If you are in the Cooper River Bridge Run then you can make your way down to 1570 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, in Charleston to get personal loans in SC at our nearest AmeriCash location.

To apply for loans in SC, you can visit the nearest store to you. If you don’t feel like going into the store then you can always call us at 888-907-4227 or visit us online at All you need is a few documents to get started! Have the following ready when applying for a loan in-store and online:
  • Verified bank account and voided check (if applicable)
  • Valid Driver’s License/State ID
  • Current proof of income ( ex. pay stub or benefits letters)
  • Proof of residency (2 recent pieces of business mail)
You don’t have to be from the state to get loans in Charleston SC! If you are from out of state and in South Carolina for the Cooper River Bridge Run but want to see us back at home then you can always visit and search for the location nearest to you or call 888-907-4227.

AmeriCash Loans is excited to be a part of the Cooper River Bridge Run and is anticipating beautiful spring weather for the event! If you are one of our past customers, you can always use our referral program to earn an extra $100! Just recommend us to a friend, coworker or family member and they can get $50 towards their new loan with us. Just remember, Your Money, Your Choice.

Register for the Cooper River Bridge Run Here:
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