How to Recover from Post-Holiday Expenses

How to Recover from Post-Holiday Expenses

How to Recover from Post-Holiday Expenses

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No matter how many times you set a monthly budget for December or make a list before you do holiday shopping, it's easy to end up overspending. And you might find that your post-holiday bank account balance isn't exactly what you hoped it'd be. Luckily, it's a new year and time for a fresh start, which means recovering from those overspending blues and rebuilding your finances. Here at AmeriCash Loans, we put our heads together to come up with a list of ways you can rehab your finances in the new year — and maybe even save money too. 

Tighten Your Monthly Budget 
First things first: You're going to have to tighten your monthly budget in January and maybe even in February, March, April and beyond...until you get those debts paid down. This may mean taking your lunch to work instead of eating out, making your own coffee or giving up your gym membership and jogging at the local park. It may mean spending your holiday bonus on credit cards instead of a vacation. 

Return or Sell Items You Don't Need 
Next, take inventory of the items you bought and received during the holidays. If you have regrets, return some things. If you received something you can't really use, try selling it. 

Pay Off Your Credit Cards ASAP 
Don't just pay the minimum balances on your post-holiday credit card bills. You might find yourself getting deeper and deeper into debt. Save money by paying off as much as you can each month. Start with the ones that have the highest interest rates. If possible, transfer your balances to the cards with the lowest interest rates.  

Take Out a Loan 
Take out a loan to pay for post-holiday debts? Yep, it might be a great solution for you. Installment loans allow you to get cash into your bank account quickly, and you can set up a flexible repayment schedule. You may want to take out a loan to pay off your high-interest credit cards, which can help save money and consolidate your debt into one easy payment. 

Get a Side Hustle 
One of the best ways to deal with extra expenses is to bring in more income. Consider taking on a side hustle, like working part-time for food-delivery companies or ride shares. You could also babysit, clean, run errands, or even rake leaves for friends and neighbors. If you don't have time to make that kind of commitment, consider having a garage sale or cleaning out your closet and selling old clothing online. 

At AmeriCash Loans, we understand it can be tough to recover from holiday spending. Consider trying our installment loans to get back on your feet. The online loan application is quick and easy. You can also earn extra cash with our Refer-A-Friend program and the best part is that there is no limit to how much you can earn. If you have any questions about our referral program or the application process feel free to contact our customer support team by calling 888.907.4227 today! 
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