Tips To Prevent Pipe Freezing This Winter

Tips To Prevent Pipe Freezing This Winter

Tips To Prevent Pipe Freezing This Winter

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Frozen pipes during the wintertime can be a genuine concern to many people, and no one wants to lose their access to running water or, even worse, deal with the aftermath of pipes bursting. If you do not want this to happen to you, prevention is the key.

Easy Prevention Tips

So, if prevention is the easiest way to avoid this hassle, how do you prevent frozen pipes? It gets cold yearly, and even warmer climates have once-in-a-century storms every couple of years. Although no one can control mother nature, there are ways to spot the problem before it becomes out of control.

Look For The Signs: There are some common signs that the pipes in your home are beginning to freeze. Some of these signs include a slower water flow, a lower water pressure, and pipes that are colder than average to the touch.

Warm Up The Pipes: Once you believe there may be a problem, the easiest way to combat it is to warm up the pipes. Start by turning up the heat, especially in cooler rooms or rooms with exposed pipes. This can be as easy as raising the thermostat a few degrees, using the dryer or the stove.

Don’t Forget About Hidden Pipes: When most people think about freezing pipes, they picture the exposed pipes in their basements or utility rooms. However, you will sometimes find exposed pipes in other areas throughout the house, like in closets. Closets typically do not have their own heating vents. So, when you know there are hidden pipes in rooms without independent temperature control, you need to open the doors to those rooms to let the heat get in.

Look Outside For Additional Solutions: Have a garden hose hooked up to your home? You should unhook it during the winter months. Do you have an attached garage? If so, keep the garage doors closed for as much time as possible.

Invest in a Generator: The above ideas are all great, especially if you have power the entire time. However, if you lose power, you may be unable to warm the home up. If you invest in a generator, you can ensure that the temperature does not drastically drop during a power issue.

Prepare For The Colder Weather Now

Sometimes, they still happen even when you prepare the best you can to prevent emergencies. Thankfully, you now know how to prevent pipes from freezing. However, if you find that you are in a situation where you either need money because of an emergency or want to prepare to prevent one, a  short-term loan can be a good option. AmeriCash Loans can offer up to $2,500.00 in installment loans.

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